10 Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Feeling stressed at home? We understand. For most of us in 2020, our homes have become everything from offices and gyms to schools and full-time daycares…hardly relaxing! But believe it or not, it’s still possible for your home to be a place of refuge and peace.

Today we’re sharing with you 10 ways to make your home more relaxing. From decorating tips to a few daily habits, you’ll be on your way to having the peaceful home you’ve always dreamed of.

Embrace Natural Light

This one is first on the list because it’s so easy and doesn’t require you to buy, rearrange, or really do anything besides open up your blinds! Letting in natural light can instantly brighten not only a room, but also your mood.

Every morning this week, open up your blinds or curtains first thing. And if any of your windows are covered by a bookcase or thick curtains, consider moving things around to optimize the natural lighting. See what it does for your home and mood!

Bring Nature Inside

Source: BHG

There’s a reason so many of us go outside to relax and recharge after a long week. From visiting local parks or botanical gardens to hiking in a forest, nature’s calming and restorative qualities relieve stress and refuel our minds.

So why not bring a little of that into your home? Buy a potted plant or fresh flowers for even just one room in your house (maybe your workspace?) to infuse it with a calming, grounded energy.

If you’re not so much the gardener type, try hard-to-kill plants like snake plants and parlor palms.

Consider Color

Do the colors in your home make you feel calm and relaxed? Studies show colors can have an effect on our mood, with certain colors evoking happiness or calm, and others inciting sadness or stress.

If you want the colors in your home to make you feel more relaxed and at peace, rely on neutral, warm tones like creams, while also incorporating colors that mimic nature like greens and browns. It’s also helpful to add a few accents like orange, red, or yellow to cheer the room.

Create an At-Home Spa

Need a place to wind down and relax after a long day? Bring the peace and relaxation of the spa into your own home by creating an at-home spa in your bathroom.

Line the back of the tub with candles (if you’re planning on getting really relaxed, use flameless ones like these!), bring in a live plant or two, play some soft music in the background, and get ready to unwind!

Fill Your Home with Art

If you’re feeling a little anxious from being stuck within the same four walls day after day, why not change them up? Studies show that looking at artwork helps lower stress levels, so decorate a wall with art that makes you feel happy.

Or better yet, use your extra time at home to finally go through all those old photos! Print some of your favorites out and cover your walls with pictures of happy memories with loved ones.

Use Mood Lighting

Lighting is such a crucial part of creating a calm, relaxing space. Think about it, how relaxed would you feel during a facial or a massage if fluorescent lights were glaring down at you? Probably not very relaxed!

If you want to feel more at peace in your home, switch off the bright lights! Get warm-toned, lower watt light bulbs and rely more on lamps and candles (we recommend these flickering flameless candles for ultimate ambiance, plus you never have to worry about blowing them out!).

Keep Things Tidy

We know. This one can be SO hard when you’re stuck at home everyday with your work, the kids, the pets, and everything else. But trust us, if you take the time and energy to tidy up even for just 10 minutes every day, you’ll see a drastic difference.

It’s hard to focus, much less relax, when you’re spending 20 minutes digging through piles just to find something because the house is such a mess. So take our advice and keep things as tidy as you can, and your home will feel much more relaxing and inviting.

Soften with Textures

Often our homes don’t feel relaxing for the simple reason that they’re not cozy enough. While we’re all about sleek and modern decor and clean and shiny spaces, every home needs an element of cozy to make it feel relaxing and homey.

Add some soft throw pillows to your couch or loveseat, toss a few cuddly blankets over your bed and chairs, and see how much more relaxing and cozy your home feels!

Create Intentional Spaces

Don’t worry! We’re not saying your whole house needs to be a phone-free zone in order to be relaxing. However, it is important to have a place where you can get away from it all and just breathe and feel at peace.

The news, work, social media, emails, family texts—it’s a never-ending entourage of stress and responsibility—unless you intentionally put it down. Designate a small spot in your home (your bed, a window seat vignette, the living room) to be a phone-free zone and don’t break the rule!

Lose the Clutter

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed in your home, it might be time to lose some of the clutter hanging around. Too much “stuff” lying around can weigh you down, so if you want to feel refreshed and relaxed in your space, grab a box and pack away anything that doesn’t bring you joy or serve a purpose.

You may want to remove everything from your countertops, coffee tables, etc., and leave them empty for a day or two, then return (some of) the items with a fresh perspective. You’ll most likely realize how much better your space looks when it’s free of “stuff.”

Start Today

So there you have it! 10 ways to make your home more relaxing. Keep in mind you don’t have to do all of them (or even three of them!) to create a peaceful home. Simply start with one.

Begin by reflecting on the kind of home you want to have, then pick one (or more) of these 10 ideas that most aligns with your interests, time, and resources, and start taking small steps today to incorporate it into your home.