How Flameless Candles Can Save You Money
2 ivory flameless LED Candles displayed on a table next to a couch. Ferns and a plant are decorated around the candles.

Home decorators love candles for their power to transform ambiance. Candles create a calming environment, especially after a stressful day at work. Beautiful candlelight is soothing to gaze upon and can make your home look gorgeous. But candles can be expensive due to their disposable nature. Not to mention the dangerous risks they pose to homes, children and pets.

The average 4-inch tall pillar candle has only about 45 hours of burn time. After that, the messy melted wax has to be thrown out and replaced. This is costly in the long run, as most candle users enjoy lighting their candles regularly. However, there is a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative.

Flameless candles have been around for over 2 decades and they’ve become more and more realistic as LED technology improved. L&L Candle is the pioneer behind LED candle innovation, with Matchless Candle Co. as their trendy, experiential brand. These faux candles are feature-packed and are still made with paraffin wax to look just like the real thing. Except, flameless candles can last years rather than weeks.

Moving Flame technology patented by L&L Candle, is the most premium, life-like feature of flameless available on the market. While Moving Flame candles are more expensive than traditional flame-burning candles, they are safer and save homeowners money in the long run. This is because replacing batteries (especially if you buy in bulk) is much cheaper than replacing candles.

While a traditional 3” x 4” pillar candle lasts 45 hours, a Matchless flameless pillar will last 150 or more hours. That means, by the time a traditional candle user has gone through 3 replacement candles, a flameless candle user is simply switching out the batteries.

If the average consumer is lighting their traditional candle for 5 hours a day, they could be saving $132* a year using Matchless candles. Despite the higher up-front cost of a flameless candle, the investment breaks even after only 2 months. Considering flameless candles can last years, candle lovers can save hundreds of dollars in the long run with these safer alternatives.

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An infographic showing the cost savings with flameless LED Candles versus traditional candles over time.

* This study was conducted by L&L Candle using traditional wax pillar candles in a controlled environment. Candles were monitored for burn time and contrasted against flameless candle run times. The cost of batteries was reflected in the comparison and proved to be more cost-effective than replacing burning candles.