Transform Your Bathroom into a Home Spa

We all wish we could head to the spa after every long or stressful day. But who has the time and money to do so? I know I don’t.

Rather than spending your money on a one-day treat, consider transforming your bathroom into a home spa. With just a little planning and a few purchases, you’ll end up with a place where you can relax and rejuvenate every day.

To get started, consider the following items.

Soft Lighting

After leaving the fluorescent lights of your office, you don’t want to step into a bathroom that reminds you of a cubicle. Rather, aim for lighting that evokes a cozy, warm, feeling.

The soft, flickering light of candles provides just the right amount of light. Unlike large lights, you can achieve your preferred brightness by altering the number of candles you use. And since they’re small and wireless, they can fit just about anywhere.

People often shy away from candles because they’re worried about the danger of fire or messes from wax. If this sounds like you, consider trying out flameless candles.

I’ve found the candles from Matchless Candle Co. are indistinguishable from traditional flame candles. They provide a soft, natural glow, and I can relax without worrying about wax or fire. I like to put them on the edge of the bathtub at the end of a long day.

Appealing Storage

Your bathroom holds a ton of stuff — makeup, hair products, toothpaste, etc. While it’s easy to let your belongings sprawl out over your vanity and shelves, there’s a better way to organize your things.

Simple yet eye-pleasing storage solutions hide clutter yet keep your items within reach. There’s a storage option for every style, including wicker baskets, metal tins, and colored glass jars.

Don’t forget to swap out containers that products like hand soap and shampoo come in. An elegant glass bottle says luxury while a labeled plastic container screams cheap.

Indulgent Fabrics


We might not want to admit it, but one of the best parts of going to the spa is the towels. They’re fluffy and fresh, and they wrap you in comfort.

While it may seem impossible, you can have luxury towels at home! The trick is to look for large, heavyweight towels made from Turkish cotton. This type of cotton creates longer and thicker thread loops, leading to an extra soft and luxurious feel.


We’ve all stepped out of the shower or tub and onto a cold floor. Yikes! After washing away stress, we don’t need a jarring step back into the real world.

To help keep your bathroom cozy, consider ditching your ragged bath mat and adding a shag rug made from cotton or wool. Your feet will thank you.

Natural Elements

You know the peaceful feeling you get when walking through a garden? You can bring a bit of that feeling to your bathroom by adding some of the following elements.


Succulents are a great choice for bathrooms since they don’t require constant watering nor large containers. Another low-maintenance option is an air plant.

If your bathroom doesn’t receive any natural light, you can always add some artificial plants. They’ll provide the same stylistic element as live plants, yet they don’t require any care.


Adding a touch of wood to your bathroom brings in an element of the forest, making your home spa feel warm and cozy. Try adding some wooden elements such as a toothbrush holder, towel rack, or plant stand.

Stress Relieving Scents

If you haven’t heard, scents can largely impact your mood. With the growing world of essential oils and aromatherapy, you can easily find your preferred spa scent.

To induce a sense of relaxation, fill an essential oil diffuser with lavender, chamomile, or bergamot oil. If you’re not into essential oils, look for a nicely scented body wash.

Artistic Touches

As with all the rooms in your house, artwork can help transform your bathroom. When searching for photos or paintings for your home spa, consider what you find relaxing. Maybe it’s a photo of a forest, or maybe it’s an abstract painting.

Whatever artwork you choose, don’t forget to add a nice frame.

You can also update your bathroom with adjustments to furniture. While you may not want to replace your whole sink or vanity, consider switching out door handles and faucets. These small changes can drastically alter how you feel while getting ready in the morning.

Relax in Your New Spa

By implementing some of the ideas above, you’ll soon be stepping into your own relaxing, candle-lit oasis. You might want to keep your new spa a secret, or else your friends will be trying to book an appointment to relax in your new space. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.